About us

Gian Antonio De Mori is the creator of the DEMERAL brand. He opened his first company in Vicenza at the age of 24. From that point on, the path for this young entrepreneur, full of ideas, determination and dynamism, led him to assemble a team of collaborators who, like him, believe strongly in the importance of offering solutions and innovations that meet the multiple needs for qualified and constantly evolving professional hairstylists.
Here comes to life, a significant corporate structure that offers a 360◦ service: training at the highest level; research, development and production of professional products; design, furniture and salon management.
A dream which every year is enriched with new content and values; a dream that becomes reality.


Becomes the birth year of PROFESSIONAL LINE, the first product range composed of hair setting vials for a perfect set and ideal support for the styles of the 80’s.
The line was completed with restructuring vials named Parafoil, a panacea for stressed hair.


Only three years later, the Company brings to life a new trademark: DEMERAL.
The launch of BLOCK UP HAIR SPRAY, two ecological fixing hairsprays that stands stand as a testimony confirming the attention paid by the Company for to the environment and the health of the Professionals.


A new hair color enters the DEMERAL’s world: COLOR CREA.
An innovative formula which covers white hair, ensures a lightening effect and long lasting shades. The precious formula contains collagen and Essential Oil of Rose.


DEMERAL has always paid particular attention to the study of the dynamics within the salons and, thanks to the DEMERAL FURNITURE Division , offers solutions that go from simple to functional designs that enhance the physical beauty of the salon. Each time, a unique and inviting environment is created to reflect the personality, taste and needs of its occupants.


DEMERAL strongly believes in vocational training as a means of qualifying a professionalism that is essential for the image of Hairstylists. A specialized study course, shared with professionals is initiated.


Demeral launches PULCHRA, a new hair color that performs a restructuring action.
Enriched with hydrolyzed silk proteins, it respects the hair fiber and adds natural and long lasting reflections.


DEMERAL creates EXTENTIAL NATURE LINE, a complete treatment range to restore and maintain healthy scalp and hair. It offers a wide range of products to treat specific hair needs thanks to a high content of ingredients from natural origins.


Unique formulas, selected raw materials, controlled manufacturing systems, new technologies: these are the features of the new Biocosmeceutical Laboratory, fulfilling the desire to create, within its structure, professional products of the highest quality.


DEMERAL presents Physia Oli Essenziali. A rich blend of Essential Oils, oligo-elements and vitamins. Physia Oli Essenziali it becomes a new way to treat the hair through the wellbeing of the scalp.
Scalp anomalies and problems are treated and solved with effective and visible results.


DEMERAL presents PHYSIA COLOR, the gentle permanent, cream hair color system without ammonia, particularly designed for damaged, delicate and sensitized hair.
Thanks to the SWEET SYSTEM – Essential Oil Technology it colors, illuminates and protects the hair all at once


Demeral knows how important is for the Salon, to have a dedicated software to for keeping records and handle activities.
In 2009 Demeral Software is born, an indispensable tool for every hairdresser who wishes to organize the appointments in a perfect way and keep the vital data .
A new way to support the associated Salons.


In 2010 Demeral inaugurates the new Headquarter in Vicenza, Via Divisione Acqui. A prestigious and impressive building with a spacious area dedicated to the vocational training courses, with classrooms for any Seminar focused either on styling, techniques and innovative methods, as well as, meeting halls for International events. A place for personal and professional growth, sharing and inspiration.


The R&D DEPARTMENT group, composed of experienced people from the professional cosmetic, biology, chemistry and pharmaceutical fields is the foundation for an increasingly modern and updated professional support.


“Méchancé” is the revolutionary DEMERAL service to reinvent highlights with a blurred effect, thanks to the use of particular viscose foils. An exclusive patented method, a non-duplicable result, without regrowth effect, natural and luminous.


September 17, 2012: DEMERAL presents the 1st day dedicated to the Safeguarding of the Meaning of Professional. A day of celebration dedicated to the Superb Quality of Craftsmanship.


The ancient art of Shibori, the ancient Japanese ability to dye fabrics, is revisited by DEMERAL to bring out a new staining technique patented. The hair strands are faded one by one with effect "shadows" with the new kit tinted film.


Demeral presents the secret weapon for the specialized colorist. 15 concentrates of pure color, without peroxide or ammonia. The hair fiber is fully respected, the reflections are luminous and the color fades progressively after 6 shampoos, with no visible regrowth.


DEMERAL means innovation thanks to a coloring method that reinvent the style and the beauty of the old retro streaks transforming them into lights. A free-hand , non-duplicable effect realized through a special glove with hooks. Patented method .


The “Autentico Ombré” is the patented coloring method by Demeral that shuffles the colored space between shadow and light, bringing forth a natural, shaded yet luminous effect. The real star of the technique is the micro-facetted clips that defines the shades in every strand.
Autentico Ombré doesn’t need to be retouched in a short time, it is suitable for long or short hair, dark or light and shows no visible regrowth


Physia Mimik is a revolutionary reforming treatment presented by Demeral.
Kerato Reforming gives the fiber a delicate silkiness, a new found bounce and performs equally well on fine and coarse hair.
Kerato Reforming releases the structural combination of “protein building blocks” which immediately “imitate” the three dimensional structure of the hair’s innermost keratin configuration.








Demeral presents NATHU’:
The new beauty and wellness color ritual.
An innovative color ritual for the beauty and wellness of the client, dedicated to those who consider nature an everyday focus. A natural coloring service based on the mix of an accurate selection of plants extracts, each one with different coloring properties